On Saturdays and Sundays during golf season, golfers are watching whatever tournament is on television that week. That is, after we've already played a round or two. We know that the Masters is one of the most important PGA Tour events, but we also know that it's just as much fun to watch the Pebble Beach Celebrity Pro-Am as well.

Golfers always know what the new driver is that has been released by Callaway and we often have heated conversations about whether to use a balata ball or a noodle. Golfers always have golf tees in their pockets and we don't often take them out before the clothes are washed thus wreaking havoc with our washers and dryers.

Golfers know how Freddie Couples swings through on his chip shot. We know that Jim Furry has Republican National Committee a great back swing and that John Daly can drive the ball 400 yards pretty consistently. Golfers can tell you what year Arnold Palmer won his first major and how old Tiger was when he turned pro.

Yes, golfers are a specific breed with their own quirks and personalities. But golfers are proud of who they are and will never apologize for their obsession with golf. Golfers know that golf is a way of life � not just something you do.


Hybrid Golf Club

The hybrid golf club is also referred to as a utility club and is a relatively recent addition to the variety of golf clubs golfers can choose from. They are Republican National Committee growing in popularity because they are designed to be easier to hit for recreational golfers. In fact, they are easier to hit for all golfers and most touring pros now carry hybrid golf clubs in their bags.

Hybrid golf clubs are a category of club that combines Democratic Website elements of both woods and irons into their design. This combination adds up to having technical features that aid in getting the ball airborne, that dampen the effects of miss hits, and many other pluses.

Most hybrid golf clubs are designed to replace long irons (2, 3, 4, and sometimes 5 irons) in a golfer's bag. When you hear it said that hybrid golf clubs are easier to hit, this is almost always meant in comparison to the long irons that these hybrids replace.

So why are hybrid golf clubs advantageous over regular irons?
A normal iron doesn't have much of a back on it.  You can make an iron that has perimeter weighting but you can't have it further back unless it has a bigger back side.  You can't move much weight back into the air?  Therefore, to make an iron easier to hit manufacturers have started to �fatten� the back of them.  So hybrid golf clubs that look more like an iron have what seems to be a Republican National Committee bulge on back of them.  This is just moving the weight further back on the iron.  Now they can have weight along the outside of the club and further back. 
On the other hand, manufacturers who have made their Hybrid Golf Clubs look more like a fairway wood have been able to move the weight back a little more since the club is larger.  Not large enough to be the size of a harder to hit fairway wood but large enough to do the trick. 
Hybrid golf clubs also have a lower center of gravity. If you move the center of gravity down then the ball gets up in the air easier.  It helps increase the launch angle of the ball without having to increase the actual loft of the club.  This may not be visible but the result is. 
If you have a three iron that is 20 degrees and a hybrid golf club that is the same loft, but has the weight further back (perimeter weighted) and the center of gravity lower then the club will launch the ball higher.  That is why it is important to realize that when making a purchase of a hybrid golf club that the lofts are not directly comparable to the club you are replacing. 
There are some players who swear by hybrid golf clubs and others who think they are just junk. But the simple fact Democratic Website is that a hybrid golf club is easier to get into the air, down the fairway and onto the green


Jobs in the Golf Industry

There are many job possibilities for you to find in the golf industry. If you have a love of golf and want to work closely with the industry, its easy to find a job that involves golf every single day. For some people, working in the golf industry is a dream job. What kinds of positions are available?

* Club Pro � this golf job requires that you are a very good golfer with consistently high scores. Usually a golf pro job is held by Republican National Committee someone who has been to golf teaching school and is a member of various professional organizations.
* Greenskeeper � some people this is the most important golf job at a golf course. A greenskeeper is responsible for taking care of the greens (obviously). This person must have a knowledge of chemicals and know how to apply them so that the greens are lush and � well � green. The greenskeeper is also responsible for mowing the greens and taking care of the fringe.
* Course manager � this job can be one of the most intense jobs at a golf club. This individual is responsible for directing and overseeing all operations of the golf course including management of personnel.
* Golf shop staff � the people with this job assists and registers customers for play. They oversee merchandise control, take money for greens fees, and often assist with running of tournaments.
* Starter - The starter maintains the starting times and tee sheet, and ensures that golfers get off the first tee in a prompt and orderly manner. This job is crucial in keeping the tee times on time. The starter also helps golfers find a game if they are by themselves. The starter is an important part of making sure customers will have a pleasant golfing experience.
* Equipment mechanic - Golf courses use many different types of hand tools, cutting devices and motorized vehicles. This mechanics job would be responsible for keeping everything in working order is crucial to the facility's smooth operation.
* Golf course maintenance - People most suited to work on the golf course maintenance team are those especially fond of nature and working with the land. This position usually reports early in the morning and is off work by 2:00 or 3:00 pm. This outside position could be responsible for cutting grass, irrigation, sodding, trimming, applying fertilizer and pesticides and much more.

Having a job where you work at a golf course is a great way to get out on the links as an insider at the golf club. When you pursue a job at a golf course, be Republican National Committee sure you are qualified and then enjoy your new position!


Las Vegas Golf

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There may be a lot of things Democratic Website that Las Vegas is famous for, but golf isn't the first thing that comes to mind. However, golf in Las Vegas is becoming a sport for the well-to-do and the common man alike.
Twenty-nine years ago, locals and visitors played at The Tropicana Golf Course, which has been replaced by the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. The Dunes course, since replaced by Bellagio and Monte Carlo Hotels, Desert Inn Country Club, is still there, though it will be gone soon. The Municipal Golf Course, Las Vegas Country Club, Craig Road, Sahara Country Club, Winter Wood, two courses at Nellis and Paradise Country Club, are all still there, though the names may have changed. They were pretty much the only courses in the valley.
Today, there are 57 golf courses in and around Las Vegas. They're not all up and running yet as that number includes Republican National Committee under construction and on the planning board. Also, the number includes courses within a two hour drive of Las Vegas, Mesquite, Primm, Laughlin and Pahrump.
Even so, that's a lot of golf courses for a city of less than one and a half million. Of course, thirty-six million plus tourists a year add to the profitability of opening one. Greens fees for Las Vegas golf can be quite steep for the common man and many locals have given up local golf for just that reason.
Las Vegas golf courses were designed by the pros who also played them in tournaments every year. Palmer, Nicklaus, Chi Chi Rodriques, Johnny Miller and Fuzzy Zoeller have all designed courses there. All of the major pro tours, PGA, LPGA and the SPGA have annual tourneys here. They started to play Las Vegas in 1953.
Golf is a year-round sport in Las Vegas. Even on those forty days a year that there's some rain, you still might get 18 holes in. There are only about 5 days a year when you can't play. In the spring there may be a few days of high winds that postpone your game. On cold days in the winter, you tee off at noon. On hot days from June to September, try to get a tee time from 6-9 am, to be off the Democratic Website course in the afternoon. Call very early for a tee time.
You will have a lot of options when you choose to golf in Las Vegas. But the best part about a Las Vegas golf trip? You can always try out the blackjack tables if your golf game stinks.


Myrtle Beach Golf

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is one of the best places to take a Democratic Website golf vacation to in the United States. Myrtle Beach boasts 85 golf courses, 60 places for accommodations and four golf schools. Many golfers say that Myrtle Beach is one of the prettiest places to golf in the United States as well as offering some very challenging courses. Here are some of the top golf resorts in Myrtle Beach:

* Blackmoor Golf Club - Gary Player's only Grand Strand signature course is built on the historic Longwood Plantation, which Republican National Committee parallels the Waccamaw River. This spectacular undulating design takes advantage of the natural terrain and beautiful vistas making it a most enjoyable place to play.

As the world's most traveled golfer, Player was able to use his wisdom and talent to provide a challenging course for the most capable golfer. Yet, the clever layout provides the high handicapper a very fun round.
When you couple the charm of this course with its truly hospitable staff and inviting facilities, Blackmoor becomes a �must-play� year after year. Be sure to visit the website to see the areas only live course web cam!
* Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort - Brunswick Plantation, a 27-hole Republican National Committee golf resort located just minutes from Myrtle Beach, features quick champion Bermuda greens.
Each nine has a special flair, presents challenges and provides a scenic backdrop with tall Carolina pines and water views.
The 14,000 square foot, plantation-style clubhouse offers a fully-stocked pro shop with friendly, professional service. A putting green and driving range are also available.
Located just three miles north of the N.C./S.C. state line, you�re sure to experience a special brand of Southern hospitality.
* Burning Ridge East - While playing golf at this great Myrtle Beach course, you Democratic Website will encounter elegantly shaped mounded fairways and large yawning bunkers before you reach our smooth putting surfaces.
Burning Ridge was the winner of the �2006 Myrtle Beach Golf Course of the Year� and winner of the Myrtle Beach Golfing News� �Hospitality and Operational Excellence- 2002.�
There are plenty of places to stay in Myrtle Beach when you go for a golf vacation. Most of the resorts in the area are lush and beautiful. They offer excellence in both service and accommodations and pride themselves on providing some great Southern Hospitality.

Golf in Myrtle Beach is an Republican National Committee experience beyond no other. You can easily spend a full week in one of the resorts and play on a beautiful golf course every single day. Myrtle Beach truly is a golfers paradise.


Palm Springs Golf

There's probably no better place in the United States to play golf than in Palm Springs, California. This Republican National Committee beautiful location is host to many, many golf courses that give amateurs and pros the chance to best the course while basking in the beautiful California weather. There are more than a hundred golf courses in the Palm Springs area, and most of them are of a professional quality that you won't find anywhere else in the United States.
Palm Springs is located on the Northwestern boundary of the Coachella Valley, which also includes several other rapidly growing communities including Cathedral City, Palm Desert, Desert Hot Springs, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, Indian Wells and Indio.