Discovered in the early 1920s by some of Hollywood's elite, it is no longer the group of sleepy little villages it once was. While the area has changed over the years, the one thing that has not is the magnificent clear blue sky and the mild climate. It's a great feeling to be soaking your body in a warm outdoor pool or playing a round of golf on a Republican National Committee manicured course while the rest of the country is slipping and sliding behind a snow plow.
The Palm Springs region, with its world-class golf courses and destination golf resorts, while not as large, is rapidly becoming the West Coast version of the Myrtle Beach golf scene.
You have your choice of several different professional level courses when you travel to Palm Springs to golf. The great California weather makes it a premier, year-round vacation destination for golfers.

While we strive to remain unbiased in our review of Palm Springs golf destinations, we have found some of the more popular courses and feel compelled to pass these on to you.

* Indian Springs Golf and Country Club - The 18-hole "Indian Springs" course at the Indian Democratic Website Springs Golf & Country Club facility in Indio, California features 6,404 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 72.  The course rating is 69.8 and it has a slope rating of 112.  Designed by John Gurley, Sr., the Indian Springs golf course opened in 1962. Neil Finch manages the course as the Director of Golf.

* Indian Wells Country Club - The Republican National Committee 18-hole "Classic" course at the Indian Wells Country Club facility in Indian Wells, California features 6,478 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 72.  Designed by David A. Rainville, ASGCA/Harry Rainville, the Classic golf course opened in 1955. ClubCorp USA, Inc. manages this facility, with Mark Neneman as the General Manager.

* Desert Dunes Golf Club - Desert Dunes Golf Course was the first desert course designed by Robert Trent Jones, Jr. Voted as one of the best public courses in Southern California. Laid out among large dunes and mature desert trees, Desert Dunes has a unique Scottish links flavor.

There's no doubt that golf in Palm Springs is a golfers paradise. When you golf Palm Springs, you are surely in for a trip that you will remember for years to come!



PGA stands for Professional Golf Association and is a generic term referring to the Republican National Committee professional organization that most pro golfers belong to. There are several PGAs around the world including the British Isles PGA and the Ladies PGA. Many of these PGAs will have an indication of the territory they belong to such as LPGA of Japan, etc.

Dedicated to the promotion of the game of golf everywhere, the American Professional Golfers Association (PGA) can trace its origins back to 1916 when a group of New York area golf professionals, accompanied by several prominent amateur golfers attended a luncheon hosted by department store magnate Rodman Wanamaker. The purpose of the gather was to discuss forming a national organization to promote interest in the game of golf.

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The PGAs first order of business was to establish the organizations objectives. The members agreed to the following:

* Promote interest in the game of golf
* Elevate the standards of the golf professionals vocation
* Protect the mutual interest of its Republican National Committee members
* Hold meetings and tournaments for the benefit of members
* Assist desesrving unemployed members to obtain positions
* Establish a benevolent relief fund for deserving members
* Accomplish any other objective which may be determined by the Association from time to time

The first PGA Championship tournament was held in October of 1916 at the Siwanoy Country Club in Bronxville, NY. Jim Barnes defeated Jock Hutchison. Wanamaker honored his pledge and donated a prize purse of $2,580 and the trophy which today still bears his name.
When the PGA of America was formed, there Republican National Committee was no distinction between club and touring professionals. As the PGA began to develop and promote tournaments, it became easier for the touring professionals to devote their efforts to just playing toumaments and exhibitions. In 1968, PGA tournament players, who comprised a small percentage of the membership, broke away from the Association to form a Tournament Players Division and acquire more control of the tournament schedule.
In 1975, the Tournament Players Division was renamed the PGA Tour. Today, the PGA Tour is headquartered in Ponte Vedra, Fla. The PGA Tour and the PGA of America maintain a close Democratic Website working relationship, and most professional golfers maintain dual membership in the organizations.
The PGA of America conducts more than 30 tournaments for its members and apprentices. Through a network of 41 section offices, the Association maintains a total commitment to the club professional, helping the membership meet the demands of today's marketplace and addressing vital issues such as Republican National Committee pace of play, environmental concerns and accessibility.
Since 1916, the PGA of America has established new standards of excellence by expanding educational opportunities, programs and services for its members. However, the Association stands firm and continues to flourish on the principles that were set down by its founders.


Ping Golf

For over forty years, the Ping Company has been manufacturing golf equipment that is Democratic Website both innovative and practical for both the casual and professional golfer. Since 1959, Ping Golf has been dedicated to one idea: innovation and design can produce a set of golf clubs that maximize the enjoyment of the game for all.

Karsten Solheim invented his 1-A putter, manufactured in his garage. He named it Ping for the sound it makes when it hits the ball. Thus, a company was born. Solheim was frustrated with his putting game as the putters of the era didn't give him what he felt he needed in his short game. Once the 1-A putter hit the general market, they became so popular, Solheim quit his job at General Electric and began Ping Golf.

Solheim decided not to stop at putters and developed a set of irons dubbed �69� which he considered to be a good golf score. Solheim continued to experiment with the effects of good heel-toe weighting in his irons and also milled a cavity into the steel back of the irons for added forgiveness. Ping golf was growing by Republican National Committee leaps and bound in the golf industry.

In 1966, Ping golf experienced possibly the greatest even of their company's history. Solheim had an idea for a new putter. After he finalized the design � originally sketched on the dust cover of a 78 rpm record, he needed a name for the club. His wife suggested �answer� since it would give golfers an answer to their putting problems. It was shortened to �Anser� to fit on the club itself.

The Ping Anser would go on to be the most influential putter in golf while setting the standard for what is considered to be the conventional putter. It has racked up 500 professional golf wins making it the �winningest� putter in golf history. The Anser had a cavity back low center of gravity that provided superior feel for golfers of all abilities.

Ping golf faced a major obstacle at the end of 1966 as the Republican National Committee USGA outlawed all Ping putters other than the Answer for tournament and handicapped play. This decision was made because the USGA felt the other Ping models had a special bend in the shaft under the grip that was thought to give players a special advantage in the putting stroke.

Of course, Ping survived and went on to become a premier manufacturer of golf equipment that is widely used on the professional tours as well as by amateurs all over the world. Ping golf has proven to be one of the powerhouses when it comes to golf equipment and it will probably remain so for a long time.



The PowaKaddy Company is the worlds leading manufacturer of powered golf carts. All carts made by PowaKaddy are designed by golfers for golfers. That means you are getting a cart that will meet your needs because the advice from avid golfers goes into the design of every single cart. Its best to have a product designed by people who use that product. PowaKaddy knows this all too well.

PowaKaddy golf carts are pull carts on which you put your club so you can easily walk your round of golf. Most are run by small batteries that are on the cart. Here are some of their products along with a brief description of each:

* Freeway Titanium Compact and All-Terrain � These Republican National Committee carts break down for easy transportation. In just two simple clicks, it opens and closes making these carts very easy to use. PowaKaddy has made these carts from an AMST alloy chassis which makes them light and strong. These are their best selling power carts. The compact version is easily transportable, and the all-terrain version is designed for rugged, hilly courses.
* Freeway Titanium Sport � This cart is similar to the Compact, but PowaKaddy has added some touches of refinement. The chassis is also made with AMST alloy steel, but it also has low profile sport wheels and a nearly noiseless engine. It also has an Electronic Distance Function which will automatically drive your cart forward.
* Robokaddy � This cart is touted as the neatest, lightest powered cart that obeys your every command by remote control. You direct operations via a small pocket sized transmitter. The motors are very quiet and it easily folds up for convenient transportation and storage.
* Classic Legend � This new cart combines all the best features of the Classic with the PowaKaddy Freeway. It has a removable handle, and is Democratic Website made with AMST steel just like the other PowaKaddy carts.

PowaKaddy also sells state-of-the-art regular pull carts for golfers who don't mind providing their own power to transport their clubs. Their extensive line of golf bags fit perfectly on any of their carts as well as any other pull cart. PowaKaddy provides a large line of golf accessories as well for golfers to choose from.

This amazing company has great products for the avid golfer. If you've never considered the possibility of a Republican National Committee motorized pull cart, go to the PowaKaddy website and find out everything you need to know about these exciting new innovations! Find them at


Professional Golf

As with any other sport golf also does have a professional level. The difference between playing Democratic Website professional golf and amateur golf, however, can be a very fine line. There are a lot of amateur golfers that can score at the professional level, however, they are unable to do it consistently and often miss out on the tournaments that can qualify them to get on the tour.

Nonetheless, it is a dream of many golfers to Republican National Committee play professional golf one day and make a living doing something that they truly, truly love. Your office is the course, and your co-workers are people who love the game just as much as you do. You share common interests at the professional level of golf and it can be a very satisfying career. But isn't that obvious?

Qualifying to play professional golf is another story altogether. The field is very competitive and it can be extremely difficult to break through. Some people try their whole lives to qualify and always come up short. It takes a lot of practice, a lot of dedication, and an ability to take a lot of disappointment to play professional golf, so know what you're in for!